Saturday, April 14, 2007

Offering #2

This one:

Shades of green. The stone is Australian Jade in a simple beaded bezel. It sits on the tubuler ndebele (herringbone) strap on a decorated peyote stitch bail. That bail has little fringy things made of more seed beads, leaf beads, flower beads, and some 3mm Swarovski bicones. I had added the leaves and flowers because the regular peyote stitch looked too boring and the necklace was beginning to be too green. The clasp is a toggle clasp, also stitched with seed beads. This necklace comes in at 19.5 inches in length. Note that since there is a bail, you can actually take the cabochon off of the beaded necklace.

This will be listing on etsy Tuesday night for $107.


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Amber said...

That's really pretty, especially the detailing at the top!