Saturday, April 07, 2007

Alive! In St. Louis

Just a quick note to say I'm alive. Games have been good. There are strangely no people in this city other than the ones here for hockey. I'll post some pictures up when I get back. My friends and I were taking turns on being the person who has had too much to drink so it was my night last night so I'm still a little hazy.

Random other blurb. I had ordered from the Knit Happens online sale and it finally shipped. checking out the UPS tracking, the package went from Alexandria, VA to Baltimore, MD. And then it will make its way back down to Springfield, VA. Now...wouldn't it have just been faster for me to have gone to pick it up in person?

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knitfriendly said...

My thoughts exactly! My package did the same route to go from their shipping point to three blocks down on Queen Street. Oh well.

Glad to hear that you having a nice time! BTW - my mom couldn't get three spots for us on Monday. She wanted to know if you know of a place that we could go on Monday night.