Tuesday, April 17, 2007

From the weekend

First up, I was successful in my first steps towards turducken. The short explanation (for those who don't want to go to wikipedia) is that it's a chicken in a duck in a turkey, with layers of stuffing in between. I had wanted to make this a couple of years ago but didn't get far. Everytime my friend Josh sees me, he asks me about turducken. So, after St. Louis, I was reinspired and more so after I read this site about preparation. Finally! A site that shows me what the chicken is supposed to look like after I've pulled all the bones out. My plan was to first debone a chicken and stuff it. My next attempt would be to debone a duck and a chicken and make the "ducken". Finally, I'd go for the all out "turducken". The set is found here. Here's my dinner from Sunday:

In other bizarro weekend happenings, I saw that one of my African violets had some flowers

And even MORE bizarre, I saw that the sacrificial orchid grew more buds and a couple of them are starting to open! I know it grew more buds because Anne's orchid was a near exact replica of the orchid at the state when I bought it and there were only 3 or 4 buds per stem at the time. Who needs a refresher on this? Now, there are more buds?

Last night, I was doing the crochet border on Charlotte's Web when I ran out of yarn. Ya. That sucks. I went to Knit Happens in the hopes of finding the same color of yarn. I wasn't too concerned with the dye lot since Koigu is handpainted. Well, I got there, saw my yarn, and said, "Oh, yeah, this is the shade. I've been staring at it enough the last few days to know it!" I cam home, checked the tags and even more amazing is that it's even the same dye lot! Note that I had bought the Koigu a year or two ago. This was the first lace I had ever attempted!


Amber said...

Turducken? That sounds like one of those things that just shouldn't be (but still looks very tastey).

Looks like your luck is turning around with the flowers. You're not going to go sabatoge them so that you can maintain your story about beading flowers since you can't keep real ones alive, right?

Great news about the koigu, too.

knitfriendly said...

Turducken looks good. Was it as tasty as it looks? I am amazed that you found the same dyelot...

Have fun tonight! I will be two theatres down from you guys!

Svetlana said...

Amazing is all I can say! Turducken, flowers, the same dyelot! Hope to see the Charlotte's Web tomorrow!