Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Spinning thoughts...

  • I spun up 2 oz of fiber and tried to ply it. I don't know how much success I'm having with that since the singles were twisting onto themselves and I don't think I've got the tension adjusted correctly so the flyer isn't spinning.

  • I went to go spin up some beads for Bead Obsessions's shop pieces of the calla lily and my feet keep thinking they need to treadle. Wrong spinny thing, feet!

  • Spinning Wheel Oriface Hook Class at Bead Obsessions! Now I know what I can do with those tubular beads I admire so much but can't figure out what to do with!


Anonymous said...

OK, so I'm thinking, Engineer-Girl, that you really need to invent a treadle-powered bead spinner. And, while you're at it, how about a treadle-powered ball winder ('cause my wrist is getting very tired). There's a fortune to be made, I tell ya!

Anonymous said...

Now THAT would be cool - a treadle-powered ball winder....hummmm

Stupid question alert - were you spinning in the opposite direction when you were plying?

Patricia said...

Yeah, I like the foot-powered ball winder idea too, but I would want it to work both ways.

Did you change your band to the other drive on your wheel to ply?