Thursday, December 21, 2006

Plying along

I figured out my plying problem. I thought I had the scotch tension on the bobbin...but I didn't, so everything was spinning at the same speed. When I finally realized the scotch tension was just sitting there, I put it on the bobbin and then I was plying! I've got little twisty slubs on my plied yarn...I may have been over twisting the singles. Oh well, better for me to overtwist than under and let the fiber fall apart. 1 lb. of fiber is a hell of a lot of fiber to spin through, but I think this is just going to be my practice yarn for trying out stuff. I have a little bit left of 1 bobbin of singles and I may try out the Navajo plying technique with it. That would be a mess.

I started beading again. I wanted to set a stone in some peyote stitch. Well, first time around, the peyote stitch bezel is a little too big. Blood jasper rock with some Toho cherry amber. Yum.

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Patricia said...

where are the photos??

I'm glad you solved your plying woes.