Saturday, December 23, 2006

Gift wrapping fun and some other stuff

I finished off the Christmas shopping at Providence Place Mall and came home and started wrapping presents. I forgot how much I enjoy wrapping a present, and making the shape appear all uniform and pretty.


And in other news, I took a picture of an aquarium for a project for next year...the recipients don't read this blog so that's okay.

There's actually a fish in there. Last time I was here, the fishies had all died and they were all lamenting how the fishies kept dying... so of course, after one of Bead Obsessions's needle weaving study groups, I had my bright ideas. If I have trouble keeping plants alive, I might as well bead them. Well, same with the fishies!


Anonymous said...

If only I had known about your gift wrapping talents!

Svetlana said...

I love Providence Place Mall! I used to work 5 minutes from there and go there any spare time I had.

Patricia said...

Wanna wrap my presents next year?