Sunday, December 17, 2006

Some Work In Progress Pictures

First up is the next Wing o the Moths shawl that I'm making for my coworker Svitlana who is having a baby in February. I'm hoping to finish this up before the last week of January when she goes on maternity leave. I'm using Doceur et Soie in "Cafe au Lait". It is a mohair/silk blend and it felt good in the ball. But the shawl, my god! If anyone lives near me and you see me with it, you must cop a feel (of the shawl, not me!).


Next up is Pearls in the Coral. I had taken this class at Bead Obsessions a while back. It got put on hold while I was madly working on necklaces and shawls. Now I've got some time and can start it back up again. After the debacle with the Flamin Moth, I thought about trying to finish this yesterday afternoon...but 3 hours wasn't enough time. Oh well.


That's it for pictures for now!

1 comment:

Patricia said...

The Doceur et Soie is gorgeous!! And I love that color.

Your pearls in the coral looks great! I'm sure you'll be wearing it the next time I see you. Valerie wore hers to the Xmas party.