Wednesday, June 28, 2006

It smells like damp...ick

So, here are some scenes from my basement:
Basement 1
Basement 2
Yes that's right, the carpet is sitting on the recliner. Don't worry, I've got a layer of trash bags between the carpet and the recliner.
Basement 3
The carpet was glued to vinyl tiles (see below) that was glued to the tiles on the basement floor. When I pulled up this section of the carpet, it also pulled up the ugly vinyl tiles.
Basement 4
And now the story of the "Ugly Vinyl Tiles"
Ugly tiles that haunt me
The left half of this picture, you see a design. That is the design of the ugly vinyl tiles that seem to be hidden underneath many of the floors in this house. Two years ago when I first moved in, I pulled up the carpet in what is currently my den. Underneath the carpet, I found these tiles glued down ON TOP of lovely hardwood floors. Why anyone would do that is beyond me. So imagine my surprise when I pulled up the carpet in the basement and find the same ugly ass vinyl tiles. The good thing about pulling up the carpets is that it pulled up a lot of them with it.
Now, the question is what to do? I can put the carpet back, but underneath is pretty messed up since parts of that tile is stuck to the floor and part is stuck to the carpet, so it won't exactly be even. I'm also thinking that tiling the entire basement over may be a better approach than carpet. If it floods again, it'll be easier to clean up.
Flood again? Well, if the water flows in faster than the sump pump can pump out, it will flood and according to the plumber, there isn't much anyone can really do about it.
So if I tile over, I'd like to do it myself cuz I'm just that kind of gal. But I'm not exactly sure how to prepare the floor. So sigh, I may have to get someone in here to actually do it.
Tile floor with some cheaper throw rugs that...well, if it floods, I can just throw them out. I must reexamine how I will go about refurnishing the basement.

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Amber said...


A few years ago my mom tiled the kitchen floor herself. It was a lot of work, but very nice. Just takes patience.

Also, the floors in my building aren't level, and when one of my neighbors ripped out the carpet to put down hardwood, he found the old tiles were still there, and the tiles can't be taken out because they have asbestos in them. He hired a company that came in and poured this leveling solution of some sort over the tiles, and then put hardwood down on top of that. If you'd like I can try to find out more about said leveling solution, which could help your missing tile situation.