Sunday, June 18, 2006

Another week at the bead shop

That was the post class picture at Bead Obesssions yesterday. I brought in the 3 sunflowers on the right so everyone could see the class for next quarter. The purple gerbera is the shop piece and the brown/red one in the same vase was the one I was using to demonstrate how to assemble. The two on the left (peach and blue) are made by students. They look good. The thing I really like about this pattern is that no matter how well you make the parts of the flower, when you assemble it, it looks really good. Most of my students are beginners.
I love class. Everyone uses different beads and there are some colors that you never think about using, like this blue gerbera daisy. Sure, they exist in real life but who would've thought. The woman who made it loves blue. The peach one, the center, she used beads from Toho's amber series and it looks awesome.

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knitfriendly said...

Your flowers look awesome!