Saturday, June 24, 2006

Casualties from the storm

Thursday night, as I went to sleep, a very pretty, but loud light storm was beginning. My lights were wavering for a bit so I decided to set the alarm on my cell phone. Well, good thing I did cuz the power went out for a bit.
I woke up and heard a beeping sound that didn't sound like my cell phone...and for some reason, I decided to turn on my computer...and found my internet was out...and the beeping was the low...and it was not recharging. Boo. So, silly me, I know I have electricity but I decided to see what else was dead. Well, Tivo was dead. Wah! and my dish needs realignment.
Later last night, I glanced over at the stove and realized that something didn't look right. Well, it looks like the storm fried the electronic control panel on it as well. My neighbor came in and helped me pull in out and unplug it but no such luck.
I finally just got internet back after sitting here waiting for 2 days. Sigh.

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