Wednesday, May 03, 2006

knitters at Victoria's Secret?

Tubey is still on the needles and there are no new updates.
But I was shopping Victoria's Secret website since I do have a $10 card I need to use before May 15 and came across this that made me think of Tubey. Kinda makes me go "hmm....I wonder if the designer was a knitter..."

So, I continue onward into the sweater section and come across something that reminds me of Angelina. As a refresher, this is the Angelina sweater.

I am, however, considering buying this. I figure it will be another in the "layer over my bra shelf tank top" collection.

In actual knitting news, I did purchase the pattern for the somewhat cowl. I figured it was inevitable since I'm planning on knitting that as my first continental knitting project, after my class at Springwater Fibers in June.

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