Thursday, May 18, 2006

Knitting software

So, I've been looking for some sort of an html editor that is designed more towards programmers and crazies who actually want to write their own html, and not of the WYSIWYG variety. Those drive me nuts. I think I found a nice little editor in jEdit that is about 1 step above Notepad which is what I'm currently coding in. For the record, I hate FrontPage. I can't stand it. And like any other Microsoft product that you write code in, it adds in this extra crap.
I found jEdit over at which is mainly a repository of open source applications. And as I was surfing around to see what sorts of random pieces of software there were out there, I wondered if there was another insane knitter out there who had started an open source piece of software to design knitted garments. The answer was no.
So now I"m wondering...what would it take to start an open source knit design software? I don't know if I quite have the capabilities to do it since then, it would become my third job (job 1: software developer. job 2: crafty beady lady) and I really don't need to have 2 jobs that overlap so much. Hmm...ponder ponder.

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Anonymous said...

Try vi. it works great for editing all kinds of stuff, including html. way better than jedit once you know how to use it.