Sunday, April 30, 2006

Ebb and flow...

My moods come and go, and this applys to the crafty things I do as well. Ene's Scarf is moving along. I have finished the first repeat of chart 3. I have 4 more to go. The good news is that according to the book, I am now under 300 stitches. I'm not really going to bother to go back and do that.
Flowers...I taught another class today and it went well. I think I'm getting better at this. Each time, I remember difficulties people had and I try to use it. I do want to get back to flower beading soon, but first I want to finish Ene's Scarf and start in on the Peacock Feathers shawl.
Gerbera, yes, the pattern is done (finally!).
But what I really want to do...well, there are two things. First, I want to get my own domain for the beady things and go play with it. I think in some ways, work isn't enough. I want to come home and continue doing it. I guess I could start off working on the style sheet and get my colors and fonts in order. I can study my current blog template and see how I can incorporate that into my final vision.
I've also been playing around with google calendar this week. It's pretty cool. You have your main calendar, and then you can overlay additional calendars on top. I've got my own schedule and I've got the US Holidays overlay. This morning, I came up with the brilliant idea of overlaying my calendar with the Bead Obsessions calendar. It drives me nuts to see the class listing because it's in alphabetical order on the website. I need something in calendar form so I can see what there is today, or for the coming week. To do that, I either have to go into the shop, or come home and pull out my hard copy calendar, or search through email for the pdf of the hardcopy. And you all know I'm lazy and how I'd rather spend a few hours that I don't have to do this stuff again. So I started reading up on XSL and XSLT. Ah...personal enrichment exercise.
It's true. If I didn't do this stuff for a living, I'd be not sleeping and doing it in my spare time.

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