Sunday, April 16, 2006

The complaining post

Things to moan and bitch about today.
1. I was working on Ene's Scarf...happily going along on row 11..12..13...wait...I dropped a did I miss that? So what do I do, I decide to venture down 2 rows to see if I can pick the stitch back up. Oh, and I was living on the wild side by not having a lifeline. URG!

I think I will be starting over again for the 4th time. URG! I can not buy a Fiddlesticks shawl pattern until I do Ene's scarf. I think it's time to rewind the Mista Alpaca laceweight. And I should not be too proud, or daring, or whatever to use a lifeline.

2. I went to Tyson's to go to Hechts to see about a bag. Tyson's was closed. My first thought..."WTF kind of hick place to do I live where they still close for a religious holiday???? Time to move north!" Still, I"m annoyed. Heck, if they needed someone to keep the stores open, I would've worked! And I wasn't the only one out and about at the mall. There were lots of others out there. The only portion open was the new end...and even more specifically, the Barnes and Noble and the restaurants around it. Bastards.


Amber said...

They canceled my kickboxing class this afternoon, too. Um, hello, lots of people don't celebrate Easter! At least, not to the extent that all activities and stores must be closed.

fritz said...

As Cary Grant said many years ago when I was still stupid enough to waste time going to the movies:
"Judy, Judy, Judy!" They don't know that you are p.o.'d unless you actively write to them and demand some action. It's the only solution that has any hope of working eventually.As Brian Tracy
says in his tapes (from Nightingale Conant) "Never Explain, Never Complain".