Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Beginning of the Snow Shawl

Beginning of the Snow Shawl
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I bought this Snow Shawl Kit at Stitches 2006. I've been thinking about it recently and decided to start in on this after I finished the Swallowtail. It's pretty, I'm in a lace knitting mood and it looks warm.

So, as I started knitting, I started wondering "WTF possessed me to buy this?"

Okay, yeah, it's intriguing and it's a challenge and it sure will be pretty! But those are size 2 needles using kid mohair! And it's not nice small halo mohair like Doceur et Soie. No. This is mean nasty mohair where if you mess it up too badly, you might as well just burn the thing cuz you're never going to frog it.

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Svetlana said...

WOW! You're really gonna make that? Well, good luck to you and lots and lots of patience!