Sunday, October 07, 2007

Next week, Stitches East!

I'm really excited! I have washed Mom's Lace Sweater and it is currently drying. I hope it's dry by Wednesday night for me to pack up to take with. I've bound off the sleeves on the Cozy v Neck Sweater (aka that really bright green sweater) and will be continuing on with the body. If I finish this in time, it certainly won't have been washed. I'll have some socks with me to work on as I wander around and I think the "large" project will be a Swallowtail shawl, that is if I finish the green sweater. I generally need a large project to work on and I don't feel like looking for a pattern, then seeing if I have yarn, then making a gauge swatch. Not enough time. With a shawl, I just need to find the pattern (which I have), and find the yarn (which I've earmarked for this shawl), and find some needles and cast on!

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