Tuesday, October 09, 2007

creative madness, eh...?

So it's the second time where after I do a race, I find myself sick and tired, and sleeping, a lot. Sunday was horrible race day and I went and did the Army 10 Miler. Lucky me, I was not the fatality. So, I'm home today with a sore throat and my brain is fuzzy. People from work were talking to me this morning and not all of it was making sense. And now, I'm sitting in front of my computer, knitting socks and thinking, "Gee, sock construction is really quite interesting. In theory, I could use generic toe up sock instructions and some sort of flat needle weaving stitch (not brick, not peyote) and make a small beaded sock or bootie. Make a swatch of the beads and then start the toe similar to the magic 8 cast on, no provisional cast on and increase to the foot, increase on gusset, do the heel turn and proceed up the cuff." It's the sickness I tell ya.

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bethc said...

Oh dear... get better! and I must say I was relieved to hear the fatality was male since that eliminated you and some other women I knew were running.