Monday, July 09, 2007

Quick Monday Update

Mystery Stole 3

I've finished the second clue. Yippee! I'll post a picture...tomorrow?

TdF Knit Along, and general TdF thoughts

Gotta love looking at those nice cyclist legs! My Pinwheel Jacket circumference is now more than 24 inches which means I have moved to the 24 inch circs and regular sized needles! Yippee, again! And this first ball is lasting quite a while! I've got about 21 stitches between each marker (8 marker total) and when I get to about 40 stitches between each marker, I can compare it to see if it spans my back so I can seperate out the sleeves. While doing all this, I am watching and enjoying the TdF. There is no clear winner this year but it's still entertaining. I took the bike out yesterday and decided that the bike is going to stay in the car cuz I may be taking a lot of the obsessiveness out while on the bike. I don't think that means that I'll be watching any less of the TdF. Whee!!!

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knitfriendly said...

I love the color of your pinwheel jacket....darn it - so much that I have been perusing elann....