Saturday, July 14, 2007

More beads that I have forgotten about

So I have a room upstairs in my house that has most of my beads. By most, I'd put that at about 90%. Tomorrow I am going down to Studio Baboo to take the French Beaded Amaryllis class with Donna DeAngelis Dickt. I got a heads up last week that this required 20 hanks of beads for the flower itself. Yes, my jaw did drop to the floor when I saw that. The peony was only 8 hanks of beads. Um, yeah. So I called up to Margola on Monday and ordered myself 3 master hanks of 9/0 3 cuts. 3 master hanks = 30 regular size hanks. Due to the package requiring of an actual human signature and a snafu with those bastards at UPS, I will be getting my beads next Tuesday when someone (probably Helena) signs for them at Bead Obsessions. Yeah...this is AFTER my class. So, I went hunting in my bead stash and found that well, I have about 24 hanks of size 11/0 jet lined ruby, 19 hanks of 3 cut jet lined ruby that looks more like a jet lined topaz, and 20 hanks of this one red, but they're of two different dye lots. I think I'm going to bring them all down with me tomorrow and see if they have another bag to match one of the off dyelots. Those would be the two bags stacked on top of each other in the bottom half of the picture.
I have a lot of beads

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beadexplorer said...

Have you ever thought about opening a bead store? ;) I mean: Those are loads of beads for one person! You need to share them! ;)
A beaded amaryllis by Donna DeAngelis Dickt sounds cool! I can't wait to see it!!!