Friday, July 06, 2007

On the eve of another class...

  • I'm sitting here wading through the 50 bazillion emails generated from Mystery Stole 3. I have also printed out Chart 2 twice. The first copy was taped together incorrectly...confirming my suspicions that I'm basically useless on a Friday night.

  • I'm feeling very clean and exfoliated because I left early this afternoon and went to Sugarhouse Day Spa in Old Town Alexandria and got the Sugar House Scrub. It was my first time for a body scrub and it felt really nice. It's quite amazing that I'm staring at my arms and feel that I can see the difference! One of these days, I would love to go away for a weekend to some spa.

  • After the scrub, I went to Bead Obsessions to pick up a couple of things and say hi to Loretta and found out that I've got 5 students in class tomorrow for the intro flowers class and one is even trekking down from Philadelphia! For all of you non east coasters, Philadelphia is something of a 3 hour drive away from DC...maybe 100-150 miles.

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