Thursday, July 05, 2007

Hmm...unfinished things...

I've been entering projects into my ravelry account and I seem to have more unfinished objects than I'd care to. Wait, I think I have weaved the ends into Flaming Moth...and since it's gigantic unblocked, I don't know if I really need to block it. If I block it, I could probably use it as a lap blanket...except for the fact that it's triangular. And then there's Charlotte's Web. I need to add the fringe on and block. Yes, fringe makes the piece. And I've got two socks (Monkey and Grasshopper) on the needles as well as 2 shawls (Maple Leaf and MS3), though in my defense, I can't finish MS3 cuz only the designer, pinklemontwist knows what this thing looks like and she's only given us 1 clue (2nd clue coming soon!). I should go to sleep and stop trying to organize my knitting life.

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