Saturday, October 07, 2006

My First Fiber Festival

I was going to go to the MD Sheep and Wool Festival this past May but I ended up down in New Orleans at Jazzfest because my friend John was moving to Germany.
Today, I went to the Virginian Fiber Festival. Note that it's been raining here for a couple of days and we didn't know if it has also been raining down there. Well, it was and so it was REALLY muddy. Helena drove and her car is pretty low to the ground. We got stuck trying to leave and there were guys in the parking lot whose jobs were to direct traffic but they ended up pushing cars out of the mud and onto solid ground. Our shoes?


I must say, the running has come in handy because I've worked my way through a few pairs of sneakers. I had chosen to wear the oldest pair of sneakers I had, those would be the ones that are not white. I threw in the orange ones as a comparison of what my shoes normally look like. And you can see that the mud seeped into my shoes to my socks and splattered onto my jeans.
Loot you ask?

  1. vafiber-loot-01On the left, it's Euroflax Linen. It feels rough but after a few washes, it becomes really soft. On the right, that over a pound of lace weight tencel in "Persian Red." Mmm...laceweight...

  2. vafiber-loot-03Roving. I don't spin...yet. But I'm taking the wheel spinning class at Springwater Fibers in a couple of weeks with Helena and Patricia. Helena and I decided to buy some roving as inspiration. The braid is a merino/cashmere blend. I like cashmere.

  3. vafiber-loot-02Click on the picture, enlarge it. Yes, that's right, you read it right. Size 000, 40 inch circular needles. I like laceweight. If you didn't know that I'm a little crazy when it comes to the knitting or beading, you really have not been paying attention to my blogging.

I arrived with only cash, and I came home with cash. Whoo hoo!

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knitfriendly said...

Wow - it looks like you made out like a muddy bandit! I have never seen a 000 circular. Pretty soon, we are going to have to find you a wearable magnifying glass so that you don't go blind with your projects!