Sunday, July 06, 2008

Stray cats, finished socks, a little knitting

I first noticed the stray cats hanging out in my yard when the kittens were crawling around. It made me seriously consider trapping the strays, taking them to the vet and owning cats. But mommy is still around and I'm not getting in the way of mommy. They are so cute. But I'm not getting a cat.
Cute kitten - strays that hang out in my yard
Cute kitten - strays that hang out in my yard

Oh. Such a cutie!

I did start to knit just a little bit at at time. I finally managed to finished the Hedgerow Socks that I had started on my way to Denver.

Finished Hedgerow Socks

And now back to the Tour de France. I had started the After Dark Nightie and didn't intend for it to be the TdF KAL project. Well, I didn't have a chance to swatch and I had already started this. And hey, what could be more along the lines of a French theme than a sexy black silk nightie? I'm doing a couple of rows a day and working SLOWLY.
Start of the Silk Nightie

To participate in the intermediate TdF KAL sprint, I'm going with the cycling option. I learned to ride my bike way back when but I just was not physically active and had no interest in it. I really started getting into the sport of cycling when I moved to DC and was taking cycling classes with a woman named Cynthia at the F Street Washington Sports Club. She loved her bike and the sport of cycling. One day, she brought in her dvds of one of Lance Armstrong's wins in the TdF. I want to say it was win #5. She brought in a projector and we watched the tour as we rode along. She had the class planned for certain parts of the dvd. I didn't actually get on a real bike again until a couple of years after that when some coworkers got me on a bike after work one day and I was hooked. I bought my Trek 1500 a year after and have been happily cycling along. Watching the TdF every year inspires me to get on my bike. I really need to buy an indoor trainer cuz I could really just sit here and watch them ride and ride on the bike.


knitfriendly said...

Glad to hear you are knitting again. :)

Patricia said...

Ya gotta have a kitty (or two or three)!

That roving looks fab!