Monday, July 07, 2008

Spinning therapy

I liken the beads to be like crack. It can get to be an expensive habit when you buy it in the quarter and half kilos. But it can also be a cheap fix when you run in for a few grams. A friend of mine likens the yarn and knitting to be like weed. It's a recreational drug for when you're just sitting around with friends, shooting the breeze. Spinning, I liken it to something like an opiate. It takes the pain away. Well, it takes the mental pain away. I can't keep spinning as I'd like, I can only go a little bit at a time. The gripping position in my hands makes them hurt. But I've been thinking about spinning and I needed a bit of the opiate today. I borrowed Lynn's (who needs to update her blog) Majacraft Rose. I'm test driving out the wheel since it's one I'm considering purchasing as my next/second wheel. This is a colorway called "Inferno" and comes from Copperpot Woolies over on etsy

Spun up fiber

Fiber - Inferno colorway


mazhalai said...

ohh pretty!

beadexplorer said...

Oh how I know what you are talking about, beading, knitting, beads, yarn ... I don't hope that spinning is next ... And it looks wonderful!

Javajem said...

This is a gorgeous color! I love it!

As for your comment on my blog - I didn't take any pics of the back!!! But if I do go back - I will be sure to take photos of the back of the passion flowers!
Thanks for your comment!