Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bead & Button

Yes, I'm behind the times.

I'm referencing emails I sent to Patricia and Helena to help my memory


So, I took off for Milwaukee on Friday. The trip there was overall smooth. I took the bus from the airport to the downtown Hilton and got off a block too early. That was also when it decided to start pouring! Of course, I was on the opposite side of the building from where the entrance was so I was a bit wet. Good thing I pulled out the umbrella on the bus. But I was able to check in, get to my room, check in at work and wander to the market place to do some SHOPPING! When I got to the market place, I found out that the tornado warning was over (so that's what the rain was!). I found that lots of the teacher kits were on sale on their websites. I found cabochons and crystals and I met Cynthia Rutledge. I bought her Alyeska's Jewel bracelet kit and held off on anything else. The only thing that kept me from buying her Monet's Garden Kit was that she was out of the color scheme I wanted. I also met the guy at Urban Beader who has been in touch with Patricia. Patricia is still waiting for her bags but I was short on patience and bought one. I finally made myself stop and go back to the room for dinner and otherwise, stop spending money.

I had dinner at a place called Mo's Irish Pub that was down by the river and a couple of blocks from the hotel. I had some clams steamed in Bass Ale. I don't like drinking beer but I'm finding that I like stuff cooked in beer. I also had some steak and garlic mashed potatoes. After dinner, I walked a few blocks by the river, took some pictures and wandered up to Old World Third Street and the sausage factory. The buildings are definitely unique with old world character but it was getting dark. I wandered back by way of the Hyatt to see what beady goings on there were and I think I walked by Sherry Serafini. She was tiny with long blond hair. But even more characteristic of her, there was a huge but BEAUTIFUL beaded collar around her neck. From there, I wandered back to the room to watch Law & Order and rest up for the next full day of class.

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