Sunday, April 20, 2008

Update - hockey hockey hockey

Quick Update. Pictures to come soon. What I've been doing:

  • Went to Denver for the Frozen Four. The final ended up as a battle of BC vs Notre Dame (aka "Which school does Jesus like better?")

  • Caps are in the playoffs...and so I've been at the Verizon Center...when I wasn't in Denver. And btw, Flyers suck. And that's not just because we're currently playing them.

  • I have a pair of socks that I'm knitting that it seems, I can't take out of my purse. When they have left my purse, the Caps have lost. They are knit using Socks That Rock in the Harlotty colorway. I must post picture.

  • I started in on the Simple Knitted Bodice using some Elann highland peruvian wool. When I haven't been at work or at the Verizon Center, I've been sitting in front of my tv, watching the NHL playoffs and knitting this. I started this the night before I left for Denver and I should be finishing up the second sleeve tonight. Once I get the body back on the needles, I'll try it on, take a picture and that's when I'll go ahead and post all the pictures.

  • The joys of a ravelry now also includes a hockey pool among knitters and people are donating yarn as prizes. Sweet!

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knitfriendly said...

Busy busy busy - glad the caps are still in. Can't wait to see your pics. :)