Monday, April 07, 2008

crap crap crap crap crap!

I leave for Denver on Wednesday. I'm trying to figure out what knitting projects to pack. I have decided to pack the pair of socks I've been working on. I can't keep knitting it cuz I'm going to run out of yarn soon. Crazy superstitious hockey fan me won't let myself finish the socks as long as the Caps are still in the playoffs. What do decide to do? I decided to buy another pair of size 1 circs and start another pair of socks on those. This pair to be exact.

So while I'm surfing Ravelry tonight, I was browsing patterns and browsed back to the Simple Knitted Bodice. As I'm staring at the pretty sweaters people made, and they look really good if you made it to fit, and I realized that I have a swatch that are to gauge and I have enough yarn to do a two toned green sweater. Did I mention that I leave for Denver in 2 days? I kinda want to start this now! But I leave for Denver in 2 days. The problem with leaving in 2 days is that I have tomorrow night to pack cuz I head to the airport directly from work. Wah!

crap crap crap. craptacular crap.

In beady news, some of the ladies at Bead Obsessions "peer pressured" me into taking the spiny urchin class. I've got most of the spines along the edge of the bracelet in. I just need to add the spines to the end and then I'm done. I'll post a picture soon. It's in a theme of red and black.


beadexplorer said...

The sweater looks great. I received the book "fitted knits" from the same author for my birthday. Unfortunately, I will have to learn how to knit a sweater in the round before I can start any of the projects. And first of all I will have to complete the easy first sweater of my life I am just knitting.
What I meant to say was: I can understand that you want to start something and don't have the patience to wait ... Have fun in Denver!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the Simple Knitted Bodice, I'm sure the long flights to/from Denver will be plenty of time!