Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hockey weekends, always an adventure

This weekend was off to Albany, NY for the annual ECAC men's hockey tournament since Cornell was there. I was also there to celebrate the birthday with friends. Well...I haven't driven up to Albany in at least 5 years. It's not my preferred method. But I did this weekend. I was supposed to fly Southwest but since they managed to over sell all of their day time flights and it seemed I was the last person to attempt to check in to my flight. Me not happy. This weekend is the only weekend a year I fly Southwest and it looks like in the future, I'm just going to send the extra $50 to fly out of National with a guaranteed seat. So I stood at the counter, waiting to see if there was anyone who checked in but didn't show up at the airport but now. And so I called my friend who was still at home and he played travel agent for me. He found me a ticket out of National for $900....which wasn't quite worth it. We figured since I had my car at BWI, that I would get there in time if I drove, although he did also find me a train that would get me there at about 5:30, but I had already had my return tickets refunded as well. So, we worked out an altered itinerary for me and then I said, "I'll see you in a few hours!" I then called up another friend to also let him know of the change in plans and to leave my ticket at will call, and then another friend to get the fastest possible directions to Albany. I drove like a maniac and made it there in about 6 hours. I always marvel at the Travelling Lynah Faithful. I differentiate these from the usual Lynah Faithful because the Travelling Faithful are those I am well acquainted with...we keep running into each other at hockey games, not at Lynah! But on the Friday of the tournament at about noon, we're all in transit and you know that if you need directions, someone, at some point, has come from the direction that you are coming from. When I finally got there, they all welcomed me with open arms, and marvelled at the adventure. But you know what, if it had happened to any of them, they would've done the same thing. Yes, we are the Travelling Lynah Faithful...if there's a will to get there, there's a way.

Oh, and we lost. Boooooo! Harvard sucks! During the Princeton/Harvard final, I did have to whip out the socks I was working on. Hey, it was boring, Harvard has no fans, Princeton brought a couple of quiet fans, so again, we had to provide our own entertainment. Some of the people around me noticed that there was another woman at the other side of the rink who had pulled out her knitting. Yes, it was kinda boring...until Princeton started lighting up Harvard's goalie...mwahahahaha. And we made sure that they knew that our team may be out, but Harvard still sucks.

The guys took me out for a birthday margarita and drinks and even though we lost the first night, it was a highly enjoyable weekend. And now I'm really sleepy

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Sorry your team lost and SW screwed up your flight and all. But still! Happy Birthday!