Sunday, March 09, 2008

Retail Therapy

It can be expensive, especially after a hellish week when you finally fall asleep after dinner with a hockey game blaring from the computer speakers right next to your head. And then you think about going to Bead&Button. For you non-beaders out there, this is the equivalent of a Stitches event, except that it lasts for an entire week and not just a weekend. Me...I'm just going to take the weekend and attempt to take a couple of classes. I was flipping through the catalog this week after an incredibly bad day and when I happened to look online to check out class availability, there were still some available. eee! And I checked out my finances and stuff...and said, "If I can book a room at one of the block room rates, well then, I might as well book the room. I can always cancel later, right?" So there was a room available at the Hilton, so I have a room.

I'm just waiting for the results of the hockey game tonight. It will determine if the season's over, in which case I won't be going to Albany in 2 weeks, or I have another week to wait to find out if I'll be booking last minute tickets to Albany. And if not...that frees up some money for Bead&Button.

I"m just getting over the shock that I'm going this year. I"ll get really excited soon. This means that I must REALLY watch my spending at Sheep and Wool this year.

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