Saturday, June 30, 2007

Weight slowly lifting

I guess I over schedule myself. Work has been hectic. In addition, I've been trying to get another orchid out in the span of a week and that added to it. I would wake up and have a headache within an hour and go to work. I'd come home from work, take a quick nap and continue with the orchid and my head would continue to hurt. Well, work is, but the orchid is done. I spent most of the day today at Bead Obsessions working on the orchid and just hanging out and socializing in a non workplace environment. I needed that because I haven't been able to get out because I've had to be some place where I could work on it. So, the finished piece is now at the shop. Class is scheduled for August 25, 2007 (Saturday). I will be sending the pattern to my two testers in the next day or so.

I also knitted a little on a Monkey< for myself in Schaefer Anne:
This is just the first sock

I also started in on Mystery Shawl 3. I actually started last night with black (Toho #49) hex beads but they blended in with the yarn too well. My initial instinct had been to go with this pewter/gunmetal colored hex bead that I thought I had. But I didn't have any, until today, when I was at the shop:
The start of Mystery Shawl 3

While I was at the shop, Patricia was playing with some earrings and that inspired me to make some earrings with the silver beads because well, all I had was the knitting! So while I was looking at beads for the earrings, I saw the silver curved tubes and remembered that I had been wanting to make another bangle bracelet, so I did both:
I needed some new jewelry

This is basically the bangle bracelets and beginning earrings class at Bead Obsessions. It was quick and easy and just what I needed.

So after all of that, I came home and took another nap, and my brain doesn't quite feel like it's just in seizure mode, but just a little bit. It's getting better. Tomorrow is a force 4 hours in front of the ultimate brain musher...the new tv :)

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