Thursday, June 28, 2007


A little quiet this week, been busy at work. But right now, I'm not venting about work. Lesson learned today: It's a good thing I religiously check my credit card account balances every week.

This morning, I looked just to see exactly how much damage I did over the weekend at Home Depot. I'm scanning through the list of recent charges and see a charge of $435.27 to and go, "hmmm, what did I buy for $435.27?" I left it alone because I thought maybe the was a place holder name for something to be determined since it was my credit card. I checked again tonight because it still nagged at me and no. Okay, so, I spent money on a new tv...but that was on a different credit card. I spent money at Home Depot and Ikea, but each of those charges were for < $100. I can't say the same for the total, but I did make a lot of trips to Home Depot. So, gee, it's not like me to not remember what I spent $400 on, especially when it looks like I bought it a couple of days ago! I called up the credit card company and they said, "No, we don't use as a placeholder. It really is a charge to You'll need to talk to them." So, I called them and found out that someone ordered a Sony Handycam. Just the words "SONY HANDYCAM" told me that I definitely did not order it. You can all read my incoherent post on photographs and I can tell you it applies even more so to video capture. I personally see no point in video capture because you are pretty much wasting moments of your life reliving other moments of your life. Time that you can spend doing something else productive. And you end up with more crap to lug around. So thankfully, amazon was able to track this order and saw that it was going to Springfield, VA but was undeliverable and is on its way back to the warehouse. I've told the cc company to change my account...and man...well...I had beady things to do tonight but I may just go to sleep now.

Unauthorized use of your credit card. Yes, it happens. Be warned. Check your accounts often.


Nina said...

That sucks, but I'm glad you were able to catch it and take care of the problem so easily.

bethc said...

Someone once charged plane tickets to Hawaii on my card... and didn't even invite me. The good news? They were caught when they tried to board the plane!