Wednesday, March 13, 2013

WIP Wednesday - Ready for Spring!

More new plants

I've got some plants started in preparation for the longer days and more sunlight. There are a couple of orchids in the back along with a basil stalk that I'm trying to root. The lettuce and scallions I had read about as being able to grow from the scraps. I think I started with 3 or 4 leaves of lettuce last week and now it's a little head. The scallions have already been harvested once. I did notice today, while changing out the water, that there are some healthy looking roots and some that look like they may be on their way to rotting. I think it's from the standing water. Once I'm comfortable with the new water farm column, it will be moved there to get more air in the roots.

In other hand crafted, WIPs, I'm still working on the third Honey Cowl. It's a slower progress this time around.

Honey Cowl #3

And I'm now on the second Skyp Sock! Of course, this pair will probably be finished when it's too warm out for wool socks but at least I'll be a pair ahead for next year!

Skyp Socks

In the background of that picture, you can also see a zebra striped bag. I'll write a little more about that bag in an upcoming post. It was the product of this past Saturday night.


nordwolke said...

Love the socks, stitch pattern and yarn. Just favourited it on ravelry! :)

Amber said...

Wow, lettuce growing from leaves? I have to try this. Do you think I could do that and then transfer to my garden?