Sunday, September 16, 2012

Window Farm Flourishing

It's been a couple of weeks since I've had the window farm in my window and all seems to be going well. The only real "problem" I've had is that the outlet in my kitchen periodically needs resetting. Thankfully, I tend to catch it after the pump has stopped running for a couple of hours so the plants haven't had a chance to dry out.

At the top of the column, I have some mint julep. I realized that having mint on hand is handy when you want to make mojitos. In the middle is the basil. At the bottom is some Thai basil. I had bought the mint from a vendor at my local farmer's market. I washed the dirt off of the roots and planted it in the rockwool cubes.
Window Farm Progress - 9/16/2012
The basil has been interesting. I planted it in only a couple of weeks ago but now, the roots have already grown out of the net pot it's sitting in and you can see it at the opening of the bottle and starting to stretch out of the cap!

Window Farm Progress - 9/16/2012

The Thai basil...well, I started this from seed in one of those little pellet things. Once I saw a couple of leaves pop up, I wanted to see what happens when I add it into the farm. I think it's been enjoying the constant nutrient drip. It's growing slowly but it is still growing and today, I just noticed that another seed had sprouted!

Window Farm Progress - 9/16/2012

There is some parsley and oregano in the works so this week, I need to start working on my second column.

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knitfriendly said...

This is very exciting. It's nice to see a picture. Those wool cubes look like fried tofu. :)