Friday, September 21, 2012

More fun with hydroponics

I'm still working on putting the second column of the window farm together. The problem I'm currently struggling with is that when I divide the air flow between the two columns, there's not enough pressure to push the water all the way up to the top.

In the mean time, I have some parsley and oregano that have sprouted. They didn't seem to be growing much more in the pellets and I knew that it was time to start feeding them some nutrient solution, but how? I'm still working on the second column. I remembered something I had seen and in fact had pinned on pinterest. It involved cutting a bottle in half to create a planter container with a wick that draws the water up. I also remembered seeing a version with 2 liter soda bottles and after having built my window farm, I know that plastic water bottles are easy to cut.


The idea then became a reality. I started with the parsley because it had sprouted first. I cut the center section out of a water bottle and then inverted the top into the bottom water reservoir. Into the upper part of the bottle, I placed a small piece of paper towel and then a layer of the rock wool cubes. I then set my pellet on top the rock wool and filled out the sides with more rock wool. The paper towel is used to keep the rock wool from falling down into the reservoir but also to help draw water upwards. The water is more of the hydroponic nutrient solution. I keep the water level filled so that the paper towel is sitting in it so that it doesn't dry out.


That new leaf on the right popped up once I planted it here.

As for the oregano, I only planted it a couple of days ago so I'm still waiting for it to grow a little more.


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