Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Go For Baroque

Go For Baroque is a Melanie Potter kit from School of Beadwork. I picked it up at BeadFest Philly last summer and it is finally done! As usual with a Melanie Potter design, there's a lot of chevron stitch involved.

Going For Baroque

The seed beads used are all size 15/0s. Tiny!

Going For Baroque

The most frustrating part was probably the clasp. While normally odd count peyote stitch isn't a problem, it gets to be really finicky when you're working across 7 beads on size 15/0. I made the clasp three times before it was finally done. Third time's the charm!

And there's a set of earrings

Going For Baroque - earrings

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Sharon themadknitter said...

Beautiful and love the color