Friday, July 13, 2012

Frost Flowers & Leaves

Some time last year, my friend got engaged. She and her husband both knit and in fact she taught him how. Their wedding has a knitting theme and they wanted a knitted Chuppah. I was talking to her and had offered up some yarn that I had bought way back when at Stitches 2006. Somehow, it ended up being that I would knit it. I have always wanted to knit Frost Flowers and Leaves ever since I saw Eunny Jang's Frost Flowers & Leaves

Well, I started last year first winding up that large (LARGE) skein of yarn that was over 4000 yards. Not only did I wind it by hand, I wound it double stranded. Here it is sitting on top of my bike lock.

Finally finished winding!

Start of frost flowers & leaves

It came with me to Taiwan and China and while I was in China, I finished it.
Frost Flowers & Leaves - Finished, Unblocked

Now my first day back, I washed and blocked it out on my bed. The outer stitch pattern is a lot more flexible than the stitch pattern in the center (you can see that in the photo above) so I actually had smaller blocking wires stretching out the center first before I went ahead and put the blocking wires through the outer edges. I also individually pinned each scallop along the side.

Frost Flowers & Leaves

Frost Flowers & Leaves

The wedding is in a couple of weeks and I'm hoping it all goes well with the chuppah poles. I'll post some action shots then.


nordwolke said...

What a generous gift! And the picture with the yarn ball on the bike lock is just great! Can't wait to see the bride wearing it ...

nordwolke said...

Oh, I have just seen that it is no shawl but Chuppah! Good that I clicked the link because I had never heard that word before. That is very interesting!

Anonymous said...

Judy, this is a lovely, lovely gift. They will enjoy this for many years. If I heard correctly, the chuppah is used as a table covering by the couple.