Friday, February 11, 2011

A floral painting

Floral "painting"

It's my floral "painting". I had taken the frame off of a 4'x3' bulletin board and stapled on black felt. That is a beaded magnolia and a three stems of beaded forsythia pinned to the board. This was the idea of a friend when she happened to see it when the board was just sitting on my coffee table and I had the magnolia sitting on it because I needed a place to set the magnolia. It's a great idea because it gives me something to do with the flowers but it can always be rearranged.

I'm thinking about making a few more stems of forsythia for the lower left hand corner and maybe adding in a couple of smaller magnolias and a couple of more branches of magnolia leaves? That should look okay, right? As long as I don't over crowd?

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nordwolke said...

It's lovely, Judy. I like it a lot!