Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Things get a little hectic. I went to Grand Rapids, MI, cheered for my team, and lost my voice. I finished knitting a hat for a friend

Another finished Gretel

I get caught up in the middle of the Cherry Blossom Festival parade while I'm running around trying to get things done

Stuck in the Cherry Blossom Festival

I start and finish a bracelet.

Embellished Peyote Cuff

This is the Embellished Peyote Cuff (beginning peyote) class taught at Bead Obsessions. I sat in the class not to learn peyote stitch but because I've never actually sat through this class and I'll be teaching it in a couple of months. I wanted to see how Patricia had this class set up and what she was trying to cover for topics.

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YarnFreak said...

I really,really like that hat!! The cables remind me of a ripple pattern on water and the color is just beautiful!