Sunday, January 25, 2009

Watch a little hockey, knit a little more

It's NHL All Star weekend and I finally remember it ahead of time! This means that I've been parked in front of my tv enjoying the festivities :)

Along the way, I've made some progress on the Hydrangea Scarf. Susan Pandorf is brilliant. There were parts of the instructions that were a little confusing but the result is amazing. I'm using Just Our Yarns Myne. It's cashmere laceweight. It's really on the thin side of lace weight but I think that and the color adds in to create the effect I'm trying to achieve.
Hydrangea progress
Hydrangea progress

The white line is my life line. This is a lace every row type of pattern so there is NO room for mistakes. This is a challenge that I've thrown out to some of the Sweet Life Knitters and the knitters at Bead Obsessions and I'm really glad that people of all knitting levels took me up on it.

In other knitting news, I've been in a bit of a funk. I think it's because I'm knitting Hydrangea but I need some socks and something worsted on the needles. I haven't found a new sock to knit so it's been a week or so since I haven't had a sock on the needles. As for worsted...I'm still in a bit of a funk but I think I'm slowly finding my way. I'm going more towards bulky than worsted though. I'm swatching for Ivel and I'm considering a quick knit in Buttony. When I realized that Buttony wouldn't use as much yarn as I anticipated, I realized that I could use to bulky to make another hat as part of the Puck This! January Hattrick knit along. I had seen a lot of hat patterns but they're mostly using bulky and now I have bulky! So here's the start of the hat. I make the brim first and then pick up stitches to make the actual hat part.
Esme brim


sangban said...

Judy you rock! Hydrangea is utterly gorgeous! And you are as usual, fast!!!


beadexplorer said...

Kimi is right, your Hydrangea is great! Can't wait to see it when it is completed. Are you adding the beads with a crochet hook? Could be from their direction but I am not sure.

Susan Pandorf said...

lookin' good, m'dear!

Javajem said...

OMG!! I love that! You are combining both your gifts to create a masterpiece - great job!