Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Year, New Glasses, Finished Things

Well, happy new year! It's a little late but hey, I'm also delayed. The holidays are usually a little chaotic and when you throw in a visit from your cousin immediately following the leaves you tired with a cold.

I got new glasses:

New glasses

It definitely changes up the look.

I also finished a couple of things:

Finished hat

As part of the ravelry Puck This group's January Hat Trick knitalong, everyone is attempting to knit 3 hats in January! This one is most likely getting donated to the troops since that style is not quite my style.

I also finished:

Boughs of Holly Froot Loops

Another pair of socks. A little too Christmasy.


Lisa said...

Glasses = Zexy!
I'm not brave enough to change my glasses. I've had them for years. Even when I tried to switch to contacts, I reach up to my face to "adjust" my glasses.

When I do this in public, I pretend something is in my eye.

Javajem said...

Love the new glasses!

beadexplorer said...

The glasses look good on you! I love those more rectangular shaped glasses but they don't suit me. :(((

I love the socks. If you had not mentioned "too christmasy", I would not have thought of them this way.