Monday, September 03, 2007

Labr Day Monday

Next set of house work pictures are here. I pulled up the carpets Saturday afternoon. Found a lot of beads on the floor. Overall it was quick work. I also included a picture of the wall sockets. It's one of my major annoyances about this house. You can tell which rooms I've worked through because those rooms don't have socket plates. I've taken them and thrown it out because previous inhabitants painted over the plates. There are layers of paint so I have to take a knife and cut it away from the paint on the walls. I will be replacing all of the plates in this house slowly. And when I am done, I will be calling in an electrician for a couple of jobs and having him replace every socket in this house that is covered with paint.

I also realized I was a bit over ambitious to have this entire room done this weekend. I guess it wouldn't be so bad if I weren't running and biking this weekend or getting together with people...but it's still a lot. So I think I'll be painting next week and playing with trim.

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