Sunday, September 23, 2007

Finished knitted objects post

I've had a very productive day. Most of it was spent knitting. I also took a knife skills class at Sur La Table and came home with a knife and stuff... :)

First up, a picture of the finished pair of STR Club's Grasshopper socks. Yes, I chose to make the knee highs.
Grasshopper socks

Yes, they're done and washed. Finally, I can move on to other socks. Next up, we have:
Mom's Lace Sweater

Yes, that's right. I finished this sweater tonight. Finished all the seams, weaved in all the edges. Here's another close up of some details:
Mom's Lace Sweater - collar
Mom's Lace Sweater - close up

Amber helped me take these pictures.

One last picture:
Really bright green sweater

I'm actually a bit further along than that because I got in some good knitting time while at the mall this afternoon. I like how bulky knits up fast! Once I finish the current skein of yarn, I want to do the sleeves first. The thing I like about top down raglans is that you don't have to do the body first. I like full length sleeves and I can deal with having a crop top if I run out of yarn.


knitfriendly said...

I know that I have already told you in person but both of these FO's ROCK! Great job! I especially like your "mom's" sweater. :)

Svetlana said...

Wow, mom's sweater's done! Great job! And nice fit too. Love the lime color on the new sweater.

I hate those word verifications! I alwyas get something endless like qhetdkftrtrhf....!

Ophelia Grindelwald said...
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Patricia said...

Yay! Grasshoppers! I love the way the colors/pooling look the same on both socks. I can't wait to get back to mine.

Your black sweater looks great! Where is the pattern from? Please bring the sweater in some time! And I can't wait to see your serpentine strap! :o)

The deleted comment is this one; I had been signed in as my Hogwart's alias, and that's silly, so I started over.