Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Random musings for the day

  • So, I work in Rosslyn, near the Key Bridge so I can go and run on the Mt. Vernon trail. Today, I decided to do either the 4 mile loop around Georgetown, or the 6 mile loop through Georgetown by the FDR memorial. So, I'm on the VA side, ready to cross the Key Bridge and I thought, "I should've stuck a credit card in my pocket. I'm running past Stitch DC Georgetown and I'm in need of size 1 dpns. Sadly, I only had my id, my metro card, cell phone and $2 on me. I also neded up running the 6 mile loop.

  • I googled myself today. The term I entered was "judyyiu". I found mention of me in the Art Jewelry Community forum and all I could see from the google blurb was "I can ' t say I ' ve seen any free patterns on the web . this girl made her own pattern and sells it . http : / / judyyiu . blogspot . com / 2005 / 09 ..." I've been worried all day that they said something bad about the pattern. Finally I get home tonight and I login and see that someone was looking for a free calla lily pattern and someone pointed them to my blog. What do they say? One of the comments was "I love the calla lily on the blog page. they are so real looking." Yay! I'm so happy they like it!

  • And I am mentioned on this person's MySpace page as a flower beading hero! (Okay, I started googling myself for real) Wow!


knitfriendly said...

Wow! You were listed as one of her heroes!

crymson said...

haha, ok so you don't know me but I make beaded flowers and sometimes hang out on the bead and button forum. So I pointed them to your pattern b/c I've always admired it. I'm also a lurker in the yahoo beaded flowers forum. Don't be creeped out, I just enjoy your work and give you a little advertisement! =0)

naturtraene said...

I am a little bit embarrassed but yes - I love your calla lily and your gerbera daisy pattern and added you to one of my heroes! *blush*