Sunday, August 30, 2015

A duvet cover

I know, long time no write!

Duvet Cover Top

I started this duvet cover a year ago. I had actually intended to finish it for last winter but it took much longer than I had expected and I lost some motivation.

The fabric: I used 2 fat quarter packs of the Spring Harvest Sweet as Honey collection from Bonnie Christine for the squares. The border is from the same Sweet as Honey collection but the Fall coloring. The white fabric is Kona Snow. I bought a bolt and I may just have to keep myself stocked with bolts of it and use it as my default white.

The pattern: The square block called Garden Fence and I first saw it on pinterest. The duvet cover is 7 blocks by 7 blocks. I was able to cut fabric for 3 blocks per fat quarter for a total of 60 blocks. I was thinking of making matching pillow cases with the extra blocks but decided to do something with them for the back.

Duvet Cover Back

Since it is a duvet cover and not actually quilted down, I did have to finish off the edges so they didn't unravel. Rather than just sewing the seams to piece, for each seam, I then went back to do a zig zag stitch along the edge to finish it off and then I ironed the seam down and top stitched it so the seams are actually sewn down and can't flop around.

From the right side, it does look quilted, but really, it's just the top stitching. It's a good thing I love sewing straight lines!

Duvet Cover Detail

Duvet Cover Detail