Friday, May 24, 2013

FO Friday - Heartbroken Valentine

I do love my spinning progression pictures.

This fiber is a Bullseye Bump from Loop! It's a piece of roving in a long color gradient so you get some really long stretches of color. The colorway is named "Moody Valentine".
Loop! - Bullseye Bump

It starts from a dark purple and transitions to grey and then white, then pink and finally black.

Bullseye bump - Moody Valentine

I navojo plied the yarn and ended up atih 365 yards of something close to worsted weight.

The pattern is called "Fragile Heart" and so I decided to call this project "Heartbroken Valentine". The shawl is knit from the center out with increases on every row at the sides. With each section of the pattern, you move up a needle size so interchangeable needles come in handy here.

Heartbroken Valentine

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Sharon themadknitter said...

Wow, thank you for showing us the results of the fiber spinning. Saw the fiber on Ravelry and wondered what the end result would look like.