Wednesday, April 10, 2013

WIP Wednesday - window farm

This counts as a WIP, right? It's a work in progress that will go on forever and I'm actually not done yet with the build out.
Window Farm - 3 columns

I'm aiming for four columns in that window with 1 reservoir bottle and 4 plant bottles per column. What do I have in there?
Left column (top to bottom): basil (rooting for a dirt garden), parsley (incubating for a dirt garden), oregano and a currant tomato plant, sage
Middle column: Thai basil, scallions (from the supermarket!), basil, parsley - this is my fully grown column
Right column: Rocky Top Lettuce, collard greens, spinach

The far right column are still baby plants so I have water with a bare minimum of a nutrient solution going through them. The left and middle columns will have full on nutrient solution at the "aggressive growth" mix flowing through so I'm curious to see how quickly the plants grow. The basil leaves are already bigger than any I've ever seen before.

I keep learning as these plants grow.

Some close ups for you.
I'm excited to see some of the curly leaves start to come out for the parsley. It means that the roots are taking!

Thai Basil
Thai basil! Leaves! I'm getting more leaves!

Sweet Basil
These little stalks of basil are actually cuttings from the big basil plant in the middle column. It's growing so happily that I'm trying to root stalks as the big plant grows so I can grow lots and lots of basil.

Oregano and tomato
The oregano and the tomato are sharing a home because I don't have enough bottles for them all yet. I figured the oregano is still small and not taking up much space. It's exciting to watch the tomato grow.

Sage. I love looking at their little fuzzy leaves!

Collard Greens
Finally, collard greens. I plan on keeping one plant in the window farm and the others will go into my friend's garden. I have them in here to incubate and grow a little faster.

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