Wednesday, February 27, 2013

WIP Wednesday - Spinning Along

The quilt is still moving but it doesn't look that much different from last week. I'd like to get to the binding this weekend and then I can move on!

On the wheel, I've been spinning another Bullseye Bump in the Moody Valentine color. Last week, you saw white and grey, this week, you see

Bullseye bump - Moody Valentine

I'm trying to finish this up so that I can move onto the next set of Bullseye Bumps. I bought two of the Galaxy color in the hopes of spinning them up and plying them together so I have a nice gradient 2 ply yarn that I can knit into a top down raglan.

As for knitting projects, Ishbel is done and blocking. I took a break from the Icelandic sweater because I do actually have to figure out which color design I want to knit on the yoke. So, instead, I started another Honey Cowl (#3) knit with another of the Bullseye Bumps. I like how this stitch pattern makes for a very even blending of the colors
Honey Cowl #3

I also started a sock. The pattern is mindless but not boring. The yarn is some Lana Grossa and is a wool/nylon mix. I was getting tired of my hand knit socks all getting holes in them so I wanted to try out a more hard wearing yarn.


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