Saturday, October 20, 2012

Double Amaryllis

Double Amaryllis

It's finally finished! I started it sometime last year? Or maybe it was earlier this year? It sat on haitus over the summer because I couldn't find some wire. Then I did find the wire and it still continued to sit. I decided to clear through some WIPs last week and this was on the top of the list because I knew how close I was to finishing. Of course, there was more search for wire (when I found it the first time, I stuck it in the box with everything else), then search for some 24 gauge green wire, and finally, search for my hack saw. This is what happens when I step away from this stuff for a while. But it's done! It's exciting!

I still have 1 more amaryllis bulb. The goal is to go for a total of 3 potted plants. It's crazy, I know!

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Pretty, pretty!