Tuesday, April 03, 2012


Suspended. It refers to my job that I left but also to this necklace. I had recently bought a red dresses that I wanted some jewelry for.


This was originally inspired by a couple of Laura McCabe creates and I finally made this based off of her Crown Jewels design. Instead of six Swarovski rivolis, I used two and then used beaded rings for the other four sides. That is an odd count peyote rope that I then thread through the rings. I wanted this to seem like it is suspended on the rope, hence the name "Suspended".



I love my toggle clasps. I also love it when I can add a bit of details to the toggles!

Toggle Clasp on Suspended

The bracelet, well, I'm not that happy with it. I was inspired by a bangle bracelet that I had seen. If I make this again, I wouldn't make it a bangle. I would include a clasp. Also, I'm not sure if I would use the peyote rope because it does have a tendency to twist and stretch which was not something I was going for.


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Anonymous said...

Nice necklace!!! I really like the colors :)