Thursday, March 19, 2009

Meet Suzie

I picked her up this morning at the post office. Finally, after a long day, I brought her home:


And I took her out of her box

Suzie in box
Suzie out of box

After a bit:

Suzie all set up
Suzie all set up
and some fluff!

I do have to say a little something about the whole ordering experience. After reading some rave reviews on ravelry, I started speaking with Tracy at Woolly Designs. He and his wife run a farm out in Colorado. He is very knowledgeable about Majacraft spinning wheels and was able to answer the questions I had about the wheels. They were also reasonably priced.

In putting the wheel together, Tracy also provides supplemental materials which helped in the assembling of the wheel. If I had relied on only the instructions that came with the wheel, then I would still be sitting here wondering why the whorl felt loose and it wasn't working. They're farmers and can't spend that much time in front of the computer but they've put together a great set of instruction materials with good pictures. It's not an alternate set but it supplements what comes from majacraft.

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sue said...

Judy so excited for you!! The Susie is a great spinning wheel. Lynn told me a few days ago that you got a Majacraft! I know you won't be disappointed! They are a great company and their workmanship is terrific. Who signed your wheel? It is located on the bottom.That is one of the fun things from Majacraft...they sign their wheels! sue hansen